Xspero’s Trivia For All!

Do you love trivia?

Have you gotten the chance to participate in one of our Xspero Virtual Trivia Nights?

We have a lot of fun and raise some money for our amazing nonprofit partners. Up until now – each trivia night has focused on one nonprofit at a time, but our next Trivia night will focus on all of our amazing nonprofits! Do you have a favorite? Join our Trivia night and show them some support!

On April 29th at 7 pm we will be holding a Virtual Family Fun Trivia Night. Tickets are $10 and for each ticket bought by a charity’s supporters, 90% will go to that charity! So if your favorite charity has 10 supporters join, that’s $90 raised! If they have 55 supporters play, that’s $495!

Our sponsor, Franklin Bank will cover our prizes expenses, Xspero will cover the work in putting on the event with host, Nor’easter Nick Pittman, and our awesome Xspero charities will benefit!  We just need you to buy a ticket and get your friends and family to join in on the fun!

When you purchase your ticket, you are added to the list for the Trivia event. You will get an email with the Trivia Night’s zoom link the day of the event. In that email is a short video with instructions on how to play that night!

It’s an easy and fun way to donate and raise money in a time when hosting events can be difficult. Any or all of our Xspero partner charities can benefit – this is a Trivia Night for All! Choose one of the amazing partner charities to support when you download your Xspero app or change your selected charity anytime in your app profile!

Some of our partner charities include:

M25 Initiative: M25 has a mission to feed the hungry and house the homeless in Cumberland County.  The M25 Initiative was founded to transform the community through fostering a renewed sprit of hope.

Ranch Hope: Ranch Hope provides an environment that fosters disadvantaged youth and transforms their lives through Christ-centered love and compassion.

The Levoy Theatre Preservation Society: The Levoy Theatre, in the heart of Milllville’s Glasstown Arts District, offers diverse programming to suit its community’s interests and financial capabilities.

Funny Farm Rescue: The Funny Farm provides food, shelter, medical care, compassion and love to hundreds of abused and abandoned animals.

And dozens more!

Check out all our different Xspero partner charities on the Xspero app!

It’s easy to purchase your ticket – right though the Xspero app! If you don’t have the Xspero app, download it in your phone’s app store.

Direct link for tickets: https://links.xspero.com/Triviaforall or you can search trivia on your Xspero app! We also have a facebook event page set up.

Remember, your can use your Xspero app year-round to support your favorite charities all without costing you anything extra! 20% of every Xspero Digital Gift Card purchase goes to your selected charity! Give without costing you more, because Giving Feels Good!