Tips for getting the most out of Xspero!

Do you use your Xspero app to its utmost potential? Or do you forget it’s there, only to remember after you’ve already done your shopping? Keep reading to discover some tips to get the most out of your Xspero app.

Don’t have the Xspero app yet? Download it in your phone’s app store and when you make an Xspero purchase, 20% will go to your selected charity without costing you a cent more! It’s easy to use!  That 20% can really add up fast when you use your Xspero app at local restaurants, salons, auto shops, and more.

Here are some ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of the app that gives back!

  1. Turn on your notifications and location services

When you allow Xspero to send you notifications and to know your location, we will send you a notification every time you’re inside an Xspero business! This way you’ll never leave one of your favorite small businesses and say to yourself, “Oh! I forgot to use my Xspero app!”


  1. Track your giving on the Xspero Leaderboard

Did you know you can not only see how much you’ve given to your favorite charities through Xspero, but you can also see your friends’ progress as well? Welcome to the Xspero Leaderboard! Simply go to your profile in the Xspero app and click on your Total Donated. There you will discover our leaderboard and you can find and follow your friends. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to see who can give the most!


  1. Change your favorite charity with every purchase

Spread the love around! It’s easy to change which charity will receive 20% of your Xspero digital gift card purchase. Simply go to your profile on the Xspero app and click on your favorite charity. From there you will see a list of our partner charities or you can search our charity list for your favorites.  Then you just confirm that you selected a new favorite charity. You can do this once in a while or with every purchase. It’s up to you!


  1. Join the fun with virtual events

You can support your favorite charity by attending one of our Family Fun Virtual Trivia Nights! Fundraising became extra hard over the past year when most events had to be canceled. In order to help our amazing nonprofit partners, Xspero created Family Fun Virtual Trivia Nights. Purchase your ticket on the Xspero app by simply searching Trivia. 20% of your ticket price will go to your favorite charity – no matter which charity is hosting the Trivia Night! The host charity will receive 70% of all the tickets sold…plus you can win prizes and bragging rights! Check out our upcoming Trivia Nights on our Xspero Facebook page.

Our next Family Fun Trivia Night is Wednesday, April 14th at 7 pm, supporting Meals on Wheels Salem County!

If you have any questions or suggestions of amazing merchants for the Xspero app, please reach out and let us know! Email Follow these tips and you’ll discover how Giving Feels Good!