Women are in Business at Xspero

There are approximately 13 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. and they are growing at a rate of 5% every year. 5% may not sound like a lot, but that’s actually more than twice as fast as the growth rate of all other businesses. Women-owned businesses also employ nearly 9-million Americans, which is about 8% of the entire work-force in the U.S.  If this isn’t impressive enough, women of color account for 90% of new women-owned businesses each year! Considering that women of color make up only 39% of the U.S. population, that’s quite inspiring. Here at Xspero, we are very proud to have several women-owned businesses as partners, right here in South Jersey.

While we want all of our small business partners to be successful, March is Women’s History Month! Below are just some of our women-owned business partners. Think about supporting them through the Xspero app the next time you have some shopping to do or are looking for a place to eat.

BJ Roasters, Millville

Kat’s Kreations, Bridgeton

Mary’s Hallmark, Vineland

Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort, Millville

Peace Love Yoga, Vineland

Salon Fabrojae’, Vineland

Salon Millennium, Vineland

And there are more women-owned businesses on the Xspero app! Check your app to find your favorite shops and restaurants.

When you use Xspero to shop at these great women-owned businesses, 20% of your Xspero purchase goes to your favorite charity!

Though women-owned businesses are on the rise, their revenue is not even close to comparable to the revenue of men-owned businesses.  Women-owned businesses bring in a whopping $1.9 Trillion dollars, sounds impressive, however that’s only 4.3% of ALL generated revenue in the U.S. That number is a huge leap compared to 40 years ago when that number was only $8.1 billion in revenue. That goes to show just how hard women have worked to get to where they are. But still, there is more hard work ahead for the ladies in business.

Being a merchant on the Xspero network not only shows that you care and are an advocate for your community, but it also means that you are helping your customers be community advocates too! Most people would give to charity if it was convenient and affordable. With Xspero, anyone can give, because it doesn’t cost anything extra. Our Merchants help that happen and we couldn’t do it without them.

Check your Xspero app for tickets for our next Virtual Trivia Night Thursday, March 25th at 7 pm benefitting St. Mary School.