Eating Fresh at Wildflower Vegan Café

There’s more to eating vegan than meets the eye—and even for the diehard dairy and meat lovers out there, there’s a surprise in every bite at this local vegan café. When you step into Wildflower Vegan Café in Millville, NJ you’ve got a good thing going. From fresh confections to mouthwatering options on their menu rotation like Jersey Fresh summer squash and vegan eggplant parmesan, there’s something for everyone to love till the last bite’s gone.

When you’re on lunch break at work or you’re craving something fresh and locally-sourced, you can feel good about what you eat and feel even better giving back to your community when you use Xspero™ at Wildflower Vegan Café. Everything is made from scratch, and ingredients are largely local and organic, meaning you’re not only supporting local charities when you use Xspero™, but you’re supporting local farmers when you try something new at Wildflower.

Feeling good and eating good—two things we love at Xspero™! Whether you’re dropping in for a freshly-blended smoothie to sweeten your morning commute or picking up a savory seitan wrap for your lunch order, this place has a signature special and fruit blend for every palate.   Wildflower Vegan Café also offers organic fair trade coffee and homemade kombucha, so you can savor every sip knowing everything is made and sourced with care. And don’t forget about Fido! Wildflower even offers vegan dog food, so you know your four-legged friend is getting all the nutrients and fresh food he needs. 

At Xspero™, we’re all about helping others and growing our community—because giving feels good, doesn’t it? That’s why 20% of your Xspero™ Dollars purchase goes directly to a local charity in need without costing more. Money that stays in your community and helps the homeless, helps the helpless, helps further education and creative opportunities right in your backyard—and you’re in control. You decide how your 20% is spent. Because you should be in control of how you give.

Are you ready to step outside your traditional dinner and eat vegan for a meal? Stop in to Wildflower Vegan Café to try something new today with Xspero™!

Looking for more places to grab a quick bite or sit down for a family meal? There are many local restaurants accepting Xspero™ near you. Download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play for delicious ways to help someone in your community today!