Why Merchants Love Xspero™

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Owner of The New Dodge’s Market, Scott Edmonds, stopped by SNJ Today’s Radio Show the Positive Perspective to talk about his business’ participation in the Xspero Network. Xspero, an innovative social-giving network, is a new app a user can use to purchase certificates to local merchants in the area. While users always receive the full-value paid, with every certificate purchase, they earn money for their favorite nonprofit, at no additional cost to them.

The New Dodge’s Market is in Elmer, NJ and is a one-stop shop for many people. Their fresh market includes fresh baked goods, chocolates, imported and home-made cheese, local produce, packaged goods and more.  The New Dodge’s Market also has a kitchen for dining in or out, as well as catering and a full-service florist. Customers can find daily specials on their Facebook page, New Dodges Market.

The store is on the Xspero app with a $25 certificate available to purchase. If a user bought the Xspero certificate, he would receive the full-value paid. At the same time, that user would earn his favorite nonprofit $5, without spending more. And because the certificates work just like gift cards, users can redeem part of the Xspero now and the rest later.

When radio host Yamira Valez asked Edmonds why he got involved with Xspero he said, “Well we got involved with Xspero because we do love to give back to our community and we do make a lot of donations.”

He continued, “It’s great that we were able to have this exposure by using the app and then get people to come into the store. So it’s a win-win situation.”

Edmonds also talked positively about the user experience calling it a no brainer. “There’s no cards. A lot of people lose their gift cards,” he said. Certificates are stored securely on the user’s phone, so they are always available. And even if a user were to lose his phone, he could access his Xspero’s by logging into his app on another device.

You can start making a difference, without spending more money, by downloading the Xspero app from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.