What do merchants get out of Xspero?

We Love our Xspero Merchants!

Xspero was designed to help both area charities and local small businesses! Small businesses are the backbones of our communities and many need our support more now than ever. Xspero helps small businesses secure advertising at little to no out-of-pocket cost to them and even helps some of them with social media and digital ads.

Not only do merchants get access to low-cost traditional advertising and the possibility of paying for it with barter, but Xspero also offers unique non-traditional advertising opportunities.

Xspero merchants get special access to radio, newspaper, magazine and digital ads as part of the Xspero Network. They are able to pay for those ads by bartering digital gift cards on the Xspero app. The idea of advertising in exchange for goods and services has been around a long, long time, but Xspero brings this process into the 21st Century by using a smart phone app to sell and redeem digital gift cards.

How Xspero works! 

It’s easy for merchants and users alike, with email reports and digital contracts. Users can shop on the app at any time and use their smartphone to pay with a digital gift card.

Xspero’s social media channels, email newsletters, radio advertising, and newspaper ads all feature some of our great Xspero merchants. This can be a big bonus for our merchants, getting them in front of thousands of people a week. Some of our Xspero focused Facebook Live videos featuring south jersey weatherman Nor’easter Nick Pittman have gotten more than 16,000 views. That’s 16,000 eyeballs on that business! It is just one of the perks of being a part of the Xspero Network!

Xspero merchants also get to know our amazing Xspero customers! Our users download the Xspero app in order to support their favorite nonprofit. Not only are our users giving, but they are also kind! While it only takes a couple of minutes to download and start using the Xspero app, our users are willing to spend that extra time in order to give back and support the community around them.

Just being a part of the Xspero Network allows merchants to be a part of an innovative social giving app. So many of us want to give more to our favorite causes and business owners are no different. But if they say yes to every organization that asks for a sponsorship, a gift card, or some other donation, they will likely run out of funds to do so. With Xspero, merchants can allow their customers to choose where their donations go! They can also feel good about being a part of a program that has given nearly $20,000 to south jersey charities since 2019.

Giving feels good with Xspero – for both our merchants and our users!

Get your Grill on with Xspero!

Are you a small business looking for new ways to attract customers? Think about joining the Xspero Network! Reach out to us at Support@Xspero.com or give us a call at (856)497-1327.

Haven’t downloaded Xspero yet? Find Xspero in your phone’s app store or click here! Start giving today!