12 Moments You’ll Want Your Wedding Photographer to Capture

Wedding photographers are an integral part of capturing memories from one of the biggest days of your life. Weddings require so much of your attention that it’s easy to forget simple things like informing your wedding photographer before the event of what you really want.

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With all that said, here are 12 moments you’ll want captured on your wedding day.

Bride Getting Ready

Extending a wedding photographer’s job beyond the ceremony or reception may hike up the price, but those moments getting ready really are priceless memories.

Groom Getting Ready

Don’t forget your groom. Aside from shots with the groomsmen, the groom doesn’t always get photos alone. It’ll be nice to see him getting ready in those moments you weren’t there to see.

Detail Shots

If it fits your fancy, shots of your dress, your shoes, your rings, your veil, your bouquet, and any other accessories that might make for a magical moment may be picture-perfect opportunities to capture the details of the day.


When everything’s in place before the guests arrive, having a shot or two of the set up will let you focus on the details of décor in the photos and the beauty of the arch or altar where the ceremony takes place.

Guests Arriving

While not always possible, since your wedding photographer may be wrapped in taking photos elsewhere, having photos of guests arriving and heading to their seats at the ceremony make for nice photos in the moments you weren’t able to see when you were out of sight or getting ready. 

Your First Look

Perhaps one of the most powerful shots you’ll want to capture is the moment you first see your partner. Reactions are everything, and seeing the love materialize in the moment you first lay eyes on each other is a powerful thing, indeed.

The Ceremony

We don’t need to explain this one. It’s the main event, and of course you want to look back and remember your ceremony in photos!

Wedding Party

In addition to shots of the wedding party together, you’ll likely want individual shots of just the bride, just the groom, and the two of you together (in holy matrimony!). Consider taking shots with just the bridal party and some with just the groomsmen. You’ll want to have variety in your photos.

Your Reception Entrance

It’s a longstanding tradition to make a grand entrance at the reception, and whether you’re shuffling across the floor to an island beat or making a beeline to your head table seats, it’s a moment to remember.


Surely, you’ll want to t remember your first dance as a couple. But don’t forget to photograph the father-daughter/mother-son dances and all the moves your guests bust on the floor at the reception.  


As members of the wedding party make their toasts to the bride and groom, it’s often a moment of high humor and emotion and a moment to immortalize in beautiful photos.

Your Exit

As you exit the venue on your wedding day, it’s your final hurrah before the evening comes to a close. Make it memorable and ask your wedding photographer to be there to give your wedding photo book the perfect ending with an incredible shot of you and your partner off to a new start to life.

Are you the guest at an upcoming wedding? These photography tips will help you capture even better photos on your DSLR!