Wall Color Trends to Give Your Space New Life

Like anything in interior design, wall color trends seem to come and go over the years. That said, there are certain choices you can make that could stand the test of time. Unless you want to re-paint the walls every few years, considering wall color trends you won’t soon grow tired of is an important factor in selecting the right colors for your home.

Our friends at Wall-Pro Painting in Vineland, NJ, shared what wall color trends they see popping up around South Jersey and offer their predictions of the shades that will likely stick around. Use the Xspero™ app to purchase a digital gift card to use on your service with Wall-Pro Painting and 20% will directly benefit a charity you select in the Xspero™ app.

Here are five that will be making a splash beyond 2020.

#1: Rich Earth Tones
Across the board, wall color trends are heading in the direction of nature-inspired shades. While we’re spending more time at home, rich earth tones like chestnut, burgundy, and deep olive green are helping create a soothing and natural experience indoors. Selecting colors with warm brown undertones as a foundation can easily introduce some understated drama to an otherwise neutral space. If you’re going earthy, go for richer, vibrant shades.

#2: Soothing Pastels
If you’re looking for something other than darker, earthy tones, soft pastels like blue, yellow, green, and pink are both soothing to the eye and a little less drastic. Pastels with gray undertones create a less saturated effect and are softer on the eye, creating an ambiance that’s light, airy, and open.

#3: Muted Colors
Not quite a pastel, yet not bold or vibrant. Muted color palettes are making way for a comeback of bolder shades, however, this change will be gradual. Think bold, vibrant color, only softened and less saturated.  These muted colors range from green to blue to red, spanning the rainbow in softer, more subtle hues.

#4: Moody Blues
While more pigmented shades of blue have trended in recent years, the popularity of moody blue is now emerging. Like a summer storm cloud or a midnight sky, this dark and muted color works well as an accent wall in neutral spaces. Black, white, and earthy browns complement these shades and contribute to a space that feels modern, yet moody and cool, but still cozy.

#5: Organic Greens
Think moss, sage, and deep olive green. The uptick in this color trend borrows from nature’s landscapes. Tall, grassy fields and lush, leafy forests. These particular “organic greens” tend to be less saturated and range from dark to medium shades, helping create a space at home that feels connected with life outdoors.

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