Virtual Trivia Nights are Back!

Our Xspero Family Fun Virtual Trivia Nights are back! 

We have a lot of fun with our host, Nor’easter Nick Pittman and raise some money for our excellent nonprofit partners. There are two virtual trivia night opportunities coming up, supporting two wonderful nonprofits. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 21st  at 7 pm we will be holding a Virtual Family Fun Trivia Night in support of St. Mary School sponsored by South Jersey Glass and Door. 

Then on Thursday, March 9th at 7 pm we will have our Virtual Family Fun Trivia Night in support of the South Vineland Fire Company sponsored by GE Mechanical. 

Tickets are $10 and up to 90% of the ticket purchases will go to the Trivia Night charity! 

How donations work:

When you purchase a Trivia Night Ticket on your Xspero app. 20%, or $2 per ticket goes to your selected favorite charity and 70% goes to the Trivia Night charity.

So if you have chosen to support St. Mary School or South Vineland Fire Company as your favorite charity and then purchase a Trivia Night Ticket – $9 will go right to St. Mary School or South Vineland Fire Company depending on what night your ticket is for. 

Changing your favorite charity in the Xspero app is easy. You can change your selected charity anytime you want! On the bottom right of your Xspero app is your access to your profile. Tap on your profile and right in the middle of the screen will be your current favorite charity. Click on that and you will bring up the list of dozens of Xspero partner charities that you can choose from. Select one and make that your new favorite charity!

How to play:

When you purchase your ticket, you will be added to the list for the Trivia event. You will get an email with the Trivia Night’s zoom link on the day of the event. In that email is a short video with instructions on how to play that night! 

Our sponsors will cover the prizes expenses, Xspero will cover the work in putting on the event with host, Nor’easter Nick Pittman, and our awesome Xspero charities will benefit!  We just need you to buy a ticket and get your friends and family to join in on the fun! It’s an easy and fun way to donate and raise money in a time when hosting events can be difficult. 

Purchase your ticket right though the Xspero app. Just search the word “trivia” and select your preferred Trivia Night from the list of merchants.  If you don’t have the Xspero app, download it in your phone’s app store. 

Remember, you can use your Xspero app year-round to support your favorite charities without costing you anything extra! 20% of every Xspero Digital Gift Card purchase goes to your selected charity! Give without costing you more, because Giving Feels Good!