Try Something New with Xspero!

We all have our favorites – a favorite shirt, a favorite snack, a favorite pizza place. But what impact could you make if you tried something new?

We at Xspero are asking you to try something new by shopping a new local small business this week! Who knows? You may find a new favorite!

Shopping small businesses has a huge impact on our economy. According to a 2019 report from the U. S. Small Business Association, small businesses account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity. But following Covid-19’s impact, a majority of small businesses were not able to turn a profit in 2020. Let’s make 2021 the time to turn this around!

Every purchase you make at a local small business helps keep those doors open, employees paid, and keeps money in your community.

South Jersey is home to some amazing and unique small businesses, and you can find many of them on the Xspero app!

Looking to try some new jersey wine? Check out Xspero Merchants Bellview Winery, Cedar Rose Vineyards and Salem Oak Vineyards.

Are you searching for that perfect slice? South Jersey has incredible pizza and there are amazing pizza shops on the Xspero app including Pizza Queen, Dominick’s Pizza, Sal’s Coal Fired, and Italian Street.

Where do you get your daily cup of Joe? South Jersey is home to some fabulous coffee shops and cafés. Find your unique brew at The Piccolo Café, Bagel University or Bogarts Bookstore and Café.

What about a new romantic date spot? Have you been to La Cucina, Maplewood III, or the Five Points Inn?

These are just some examples of the more than 100 amazing small businesses on the Xspero app. When you purchase digital gift cards to your new favorite small businesses, 20% goes to your selected charity. That’s 20% going to your favorite cause, without costing you a cent more!

With Xspero you make an impact on both small businesses and local charities at no additional cost to you! So try something new this week and use your Xspero app because with Xspero, giving feels good!

Don’t have the Xspero app yet? Just download it from your phone’s app store – it’s free and easy to use! If you have any questions, please reach out to