Are you or a loved one suffering from donor fatigue? Whether you work at a nonprofit or a supporter of one, the overwhelming requests for donations may unintentionally lead usually generous people to this.
Donor fatigue is when supporters reduce or stop giving to various causes. The reason for this can vary per person. An individual may be overwhelmed with requests for money, or he feels his donation is not making a difference. And while nonprofits should always look for ways to engage and thank their supporters, the new app Xspero is helping nonprofits combat donor fatigue.

Xspero is an innovative, social-giving network that brings together several participants to benefit one another. The app sells digital certificates redeemable at local merchants in the area. Every time someone purchases an Xspero Certificate, 20 percent goes to the nonprofit they choose in the app, at no additional cost! When users redeem the certificate, they receive the full amount paid, dollar-for-dollar.

Xspero is already making a difference in Cumberland County. Since launching in January, users of the app have earned almost $2,000 for nonprofits throughout the area, through their normal spending.

Not only can Xspero enhance a nonprofit’s revenue source, but it can become a sustainable way for them to continue their mission. If 100 supporters are persuaded to spend $50 in the app on purchases they already intended to buy, that organization will raise an additional $12,000 a year. There is never a limit for what a nonprofit can achieve on the Xspero Network.

If you are a supporter looking to help nonprofits, at no additional cost you, download the Xspero app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Nonprofits interested in joining Xspero should visit to learn more.