The Social Giving Network

The Social Giving Network has gotten more social!

Did you know that you are able to easily see and share the good you are doing in your community with Xspero?

Not only that, but you can share favorite Xspero merchants and charities on your social media pages. Your friends, family, and followers can also see the difference you’re making. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire them to make a difference too?

It’s all part of the Xspero Leaderboard!

Don’t have the Xspero app yet? Just download it from your phone’s app store – it’s free and easy to use!

Remember, when you purchase an Xspero gift card, 20% goes to your favorite charity – without costing you more!

Take a look at your Xspero app profile. There you will find how much you’ve earned for your favorite charity and how many times you’ve made a difference with Xspero!

On our Xspero leaderboard, you can follow your friends! You can see how much they have earned for their favorite charities and what their favorite Xspero merchants are.

You can even have a friendly competition with your friends to see who can be at the top of your group’s Xspero Leaderboard!

Easily share your Xspero donations, favorite Xspero merchants and charities on your social media pages so your followers can see the good you are doing without spending more. Just click on the share icon that appears on many of your Xspero app screens.  You can share when you make a donation or when you make a purchase. You can also share your favorite merchants or your favorite charity.

Show your friends, family, and followers just how easy and fun it is to give with Xspero on your social media channels.  Remember Giving feels good! So share that feeling.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels