The Funny Farm: A South Jersey Animal Rescue Making a Difference

When The Funny Farm, a South Jersey animal rescue, partnered with us at Xspero™, we were thrilled to help them give local animals the chance to live out the rest of their days happy, healthy, and free. The Funny Farm Rescue, located in Mays Landing, NJ, is truly a one-of-a-kind animal sanctuary, and if you’ve ever been there for a visit, you know it’s not your average rescue.

From cats and dogs to chickens, cows, horses, goats, llamas, emus, and peacocks (and much, much more!), this South Jersey animal rescue is a menagerie of beautiful animals given a second chance and better lives.

The Funny Farm Rescue is personally and professionally committed to the wellbeing of all abused and abandoned animals. They provide food, shelter, medical care, and just as importantly, love. Their undying passion for our furry and feathered friends is helping the helpless animals in our communities—but there’s still more work to do.

When you choose the Funny Farm Rescue as your preferred charity in the Xspero™ app, every purchase you make at local restaurants and businesses with Xspero™ can benefit this South Jersey animal rescue without you spending more. Your dollar goes further when you use Xspero™, and if you love animals like we do, you can feel good knowing your purchase is helping feed and care for all the beautiful animals at the Funny Farm, as well as help secure space and resources for more animals that need our help in South Jersey.

The Funny Farm Rescue reminds us how precious life is in every form—and we all can learn a little something from the animals around us.

Want to Win a Prize Valued Up to $100?
On Thursday, August 13th at 7pm, you can try your luck and test your knowledge during our virtual Family Trivia Night! Join Nor’easter Nick and the Funny Farm Rescue for five rounds of family fun trivia.

Tickets are $10 per family and all proceeds will benefit the Funny Farm Rescue and their mission to save helpless animals in our communities. If you already have the Xspero™ app on your phone, you can purchase tickets directly under the merchants tab.

Trivia night will be hosted through Zoom. For more information on how to get in on the game, visit the following link on your smartphone or tablet: