Give Back with Every Sip at This South Jersey Winery

What if one glass of your favorite wine could change a life without costing more? When you’re ready to pop the cork on a relaxing afternoon overlooking rolling vineyards with a glass of chilled rosé, there’s a place where every sip can help ripen new opportunities in your community. Cedar Rose Vineyards in Millville handcrafts quality wines with Jersey-grown grapes from their 22-acre estate, and this South Jersey winery now accepts Xspero™.

There’s an old Latin phrase: “in vino veritas”—in wine lies the truth. That truth is when you purchase Xspero™ Dollars to Cedar Rose Vineyards, you get more than a full-body red and rows of rolling vines. You’re making a difference without spending more. Your Xspero Dollars give you the chance to donate 20% to a charity you choose for a life-changing opportunity for someone in your community.

This South Jersey winery offers dry and semi-sweet wines from classic chardonnay to smoky reds—but there’s more to enjoy than their wines at Cedar Rose. With a full lineup of live music and performances, yoga, and more through the summer and late fall, there’s always a reason to enjoy yourself and give back with Xspero™.

What better way to unwind on a lazy afternoon under the tepid sun in early autumn? What better way to enjoy the day than soaking up the sunshine at the tail-end of summer? No matter the day, there’s a taste for the tasteful, and you can’t beat giving back with every sip. From supporting animal shelters to helping the homeless, there’s always a reason to pop the top on your favorite wine for a great cause.

The beautiful, remote vineyards at Cedar Rose will leave you feeling worlds away with the taste of nature’s nectar–and we hear through the grapevine the outdoor area is dog-friendly, so your four-legged friend is free to tag along on your wine-tasting adventure (as long as he or she is leashed).

By the case, by the bottle, or by the glass, you can make a difference with Xspero™ at this South Jersey winery.

Want more ways to give back with Xspero™? Download the app today on the Apple App Store and Google Play to see which merchants in your area accept Xspero™ Dollars, and see the charities you can give back to with your everyday purchases.