South Jersey Trails to Explore This Fall

Fall is the perfect season to explore your surroundings in nature. The crisp, cool air and the colorful leaves make it suitable for exercising outdoors, whether you’re hiking, biking, or taking a leisurely stroll. Extensive travel isn’t necessary; there are South Jersey trails perfect for taking in all the beauty around you without heading far from home.

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If you are looking to explore South Jersey trails and reconnect with nature, here are five to check out next time you decide to ditch the treadmill or spinning class.

Parvin State Park

If you prefer a trail with a body of water to admire, Parvin State Park is great for biking or hiking trails. This trail is located in Pittsgrove Township, making the surroundings quiet and serene. The lakes and streams make it a popular attraction for kayaking, and alongside the streams are trails that follow a scenic route. Some trails are paved with asphalt, while others dirt, providing options for bikers. The trail also has bridges and docks that extend out into the water, providing you that perfect quiet place to have a quick water break while admiring its beauty.

Ceres Park

For the more advanced and adventurous biker, Ceres Park in Sewell is the path to take. It’s a popular location for bikers and pet owners, as its terrain is a little more challenging. Your quadricep muscles will be put to the test after biking over endless hills and drops. It also features small bodies of water, making it a perfect place to bring your pup for a brisk walk and swim. 

Wharton State Park

Whether you know it or not, there’s a national reserve—Pinelands National Reserve—right here in the heart of South Jersey. It includes Wharton State Forest north of Hammonton. The State Forest offers unpaved roads great for hiking and dirt biking. Their campsites are a popular attraction for an easy weekend getaway, and there are many abandoned houses and train tracks for sightseeing.

Maurice River Bluffs Preserve

This nature preserve located in Millville is another great location if you seek scenic South Jersey trails. The preserve extends five miles with endless trails to make every trip feel like the first time. There are picnic tables located throughout the preserve as an easy place to take a quick lunch break or simply catch your breath and enjoy your surroundings. The preserve has also built bird blinds, so if you are interested in birdwatching, there are many locations throughout the preserve to observe nature in its natural form. 

Cape May Point State Park

Although some may leave the beaches permanently after the summertime, Cape May offers year-round activities that always make it a great place to visit. This 244-acre state park offers trails to walk, bike, and jog, whether you’d want to be by the beach or in the woods. If you really want to work your legs, you can also climb 200 stairs to the top of the lighthouse for a breathtaking view by the sea.

These select few trails are a part of the large selection of parks that make South Jersey a great place to hike and bike in. When shopping for the supplies for your next date with nature, use the Xspero™ app to find the perfect vendor to suit your needs, such as Tuckahoe Bike Shop. Your purchase will help continue to preserve the communities that makes South Jersey one-of-a-kind.