Great Places to Grab Pizza in South Jersey

Pizza in South Jersey is like a religion; so many delicious denominations brought together by one eagerly-awaited weekly ritual: Friday night pizza. With so many incredible spots to grab a slice around South Jersey, it’s hard to try them all (or choose a favorite). Some big city styles have trickled down to the small town and international influence has found a home in the heart of South Jersey cuisine. So many slices, so little time! Though, there are several places that stand out, and not just for their Italian roots or sweet and savory sauce.

These places have partnered with Xspero™ so you can pay it forward with pizza. Yes, pizza! Make Pizza nights with friends or family mean something more when you use Xspero™ to prepay for a pie. 20% of your purchase will directly benefit a local charity you choose without you spending one cent more.

So, if you’ve got a taste for Italian, grab a slice and try out these three great locations for pizza in South Jersey with Xspero™!

Dominick’s Pizza

Dominick’s Pizza in Vineland, NJ, has roots all the way in Brooklyn, NY, where pizza is an art and where the owners earned their culinary training in the biz. Migrating south, the family brought their authentic Italian cuisine to Jersey and can be tasted in their savory pies like Sicilian thick crust and Neapolitan or “Naples-style” pizza. They even offer low-carb options and cauliflower crust for gluten-free patrons to enjoy till the last slice is gone.

Pizza Queen

Big John’s Pizza Queen, also located in Vineland, NJ, serves up authentic, hand-tossed pizza in specialty varieties like chicken parm, barbecue rib, cheesesteak sub, Italian hoagie, and bacon cheeseburger—just to name a few! Their gluten-free options and take-and-bake pizzas you can toss in the oven at home only add to the possibilities when you order from this South Jersey pizzeria.

Sal’s Coal Fire Pizza

There’s something special about coal fire pizza, and Sal’s in Somers Point, NJ, is something to savor. With mouthwatering Margherita, Calabria white, and Mediterranean-inspired slices, there’s a little something for everyone to taste and try till there’s nothing but crumbs.

Italian Street Restaurant & Pizza

Italian Street Restaurant and Pizza in Somers Point is passionate about their pizza. Check out their Tomato Pie – Plum tomato sauce, basil & extra virgin olive oil. Yum!

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