South Jersey Hair Salons Reopening Near You

After months of trimming bangs, brandishing clippers, and touching up our overgrown roots, we’ve all been itching to revisit our favorite South Jersey hair salons. And now that they’ve reopened, everyone’s clamoring for capes, color, clippers, and combs. If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s how easily we can take for granted the people and businesses we rely on every day. Beauticians, barbers, and stylists are an essential part of our lives, and they’re always ready to help us, not only look great, but feel great, too.

Another way you can feel great? Using the Xspero™ app at the South Jersey hair salons listed below so 25% of your purchase goes back to a charity you choose. Now you can look good, feel great, and give back, all without spending more!

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here are four South Jersey hair salons you should visit during this stage of reopening.

Abella Salon & Spa

Abella Salon & Spa in Ocean City, NJ, employs experienced stylists with international training  for the cuts and color you crave. From hair and nails to massages, skin care, and waxing, Abella has you covered.

Business hours:
Sunday & Monday, 10am-4pm
Tuesday, 9am-5pm
Wednesday & Thursday, 9am-9pm
Friday, 9am-6pm   
Saturday, 9am-6pm

Lisa’s Place Salon

When you step into Lisa’s Place Salon in Canton, NJ, you feel just like home. With a team of seasoned professionals with decades of hair care experience, you’ll always step out of the salon looking and feeling your best.

Business hours:
Wednesday, 9am-8pm
Thursday, 9am-8pm
Friday, 9am-8pm
Saturday, 8am-1pm

Salon Fabrojae

Salon Fabrojae is a full-service salon in Vineland, NJ, offering everything from hair care to brow and eyelash treatments, waxing, and more. Whether you’re in the mood for some sun-kissed summer highlights or a beach-ready bikini wax, quality service is available.

Business hours:
Tuesday, 9am-9pm
Wednesday, 9am-9pm
Thursday, 9am-7pm
Friday, 9am-5pm
Saturday, 7am-2pm

Salon Millennium

Salon Millennium in Vineland, NJ, brings together a team of highly-trained stylists for a relaxing salon experience. Whether a cut, color, or a full face of makeup, Salon Millennium is a one-stop-shop for beauty.

Business hours:
Tuesday, 9am-6pm
Wednesday, 10am-6pm
Thursday, 9am-7pm
Friday, 9am-6pm
Saturday, 9am-3pm

Want more ways to help businesses reopening in South Jersey while supporting your favorite charity? Browse our blog to see which merchants near you are accepting Xspero™ digital gift cards.