South Jersey Animal Shelters and Nonprofits You Can Help at No Extra Cost

South Jersey animal shelters are helping thousands of animals in our communities find happy homes and live longer lives. Every year, millions of animals are euthanized in the US due to homelessness, special needs, and lack of medical care. With such high numbers, our South Jersey animal shelters have done everything they can to put a dent in that number—but it isn’t enough.

Through your use of the Xspero™ app, you can help these South Jersey animal shelters raise more funds to save helpless animals in your community. From now until August 31st, we’re giving 100% back to the businesses you shop and the charities you choose—all without costing you more. Somewhere, not too far, an animal is in need, and you have the power to help on your everyday purchases.

These three South Jersey animal shelters and charities are helping make a difference for abused and unwanted animals. Keep reading to learn how.

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter
“All living creatures deserve our respect.” The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter in Vineland, NJ, serves as a refuge for thousands of abused, unwanted, and abandoned animals. They have helped to reunite over 200 lost pets with their owners and over 500 animals find their fur-ever homes in 2020 alone.

The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter offers pet adoptions, spay and neuter services, as well as low-cost vaccine clinics for pet owners. Their commitment to caring for our four-legged friends shows, and your use of Xspero™ can help them help even more abandoned animals in South Jersey.

The Funny Farm Rescue
The Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary is a 15-acre, privately-owned farm in Mays Landing, NJ, that shelters and cares for unwanted, sickly, elderly, injured, or unwanted animals. Since its inception in the year 2000, they have helped over 550 domestic, farm, and exotic animals live out their natural lives in a happy, safe, and protected environment.

As part of the Funny Farm’s mission to help all animals everywhere, they make it their mission to increase the awareness of animal abuse through education and partnerships with other local sanctuaries, the SPCA, Atlantic County Wildlife Aide, the Humane Society, and more—and your use of Xspero™ can help them save and shelter helpless animals in your town.   

The Funny Farm: A South Jersey Animal Rescue Making a Difference

Animal Friends Foundation
The Animal Friends Foundation (AFF) formed in 2003 when four women were incited by the alarming number of feral animals being euthanized in our area. AFF helps provide funding for low-cost spay and neuter programs, which helps offset the overpopulation of feral cats and dogs in our communities.

AFF helps connect the public with trustworthy resources for shelters and feeding stations and maintains close contact with municipalities on the Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return program (TNVR), which helps reduce the number of feral strays and saves tax dollars for municipalities and taxpayers. Your use of Xspero™ can help lower the number of unwanted animals on our streets in South Jersey.

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