Shop Small, Give Big

Shop small, give big.

Hi, I’m Ken Pustizzi, founder of Xspero. I’m excited to tell you about a project we’re launching. The Shop Small, Give Big project is designed to help encourage all of us, the community, to help restart our local economy. We need to support our small businesses and support our nonprofit charities. And that is what the Xspero app allows you to do.

What we at Xspero have committed to do is: not to earn any money from now until August 31st.

We’ve decided to give 100% of our proceeds to nonprofits and businesses. We are giving 75% of any gift cards sold on the Xspero app to the local merchant and increasing the amount that goes to the user’s favorite nonprofit to 25%. So what can you do to help?

Spread the word and Shop Small! Looking to buy a barbecue grill? Shop local before you go to a big box store. Going out to dinner or ordering takeout? Shop local before you go to that chain restaurant.

We strongly encourage you to shop and dine safely.

If you have any questions, please email me at

And remember – Shop Small, Give Big!