Paying It Forward: How a Small Act of Kindness Has a Big Impact

We’ve witnessed in our communities, in our nation, and in our world that when tragedy strikes, it often brings people together. Strangers and unlikely friends often bond in the wake of disaster, offering their time, their money, their patience. Interestingly enough, adversity and strife are frequently a catalyst for a welcomed contagion: kindness, generosity, and fellowship. So, is generosity contagious? Can one small act of kindness make a wave?

At Xspero™, we believe generosity is contagious because Giving Feels Good™—but it’s more than a tagline to us. We already know there are benefits to charitable giving, but what does research say about the transmission of kindness?

In an experiment reported by the University of California, Berkeley, researchers found when people observed empathic group responses to emotionally-stimulating scenarios, the likelihood of feeling more empathy and donating more to a homeless shelter was much higher. Researchers concluded that an act of generosity by one person could inspire others to be generous.

But how does a small act of kindness find roots in the real world and not a manufactured scenario?

Here’s an example. A member of our staff recently told us a story about a bad day turned around while standing in line at a local Wawa. He was waiting to pay for his coffee when the woman in front of him did something unexpected.

“Will that be all?” The clerk asked.

“Yes—and I’ve got his coffee,” the woman said, gesturing to the stranger behind her.

Our staff member was in shock. This woman he never met had just paid for his 24-oz Colombian. A small kindness that turned his day around. “Someone paid for my coffee recently, and I’m paying it forward. Now it’s your turn.”

She left with a smile, and suddenly our team member couldn’t get the interaction out of his head. One small act of kindness can have a great impact. Imagine if everyone did one small thing every day.

Well, with the Xspero™ app, you can do just that. Your dollar goes further with 20% going to a charity you choose when you purchase Xspero™ Dollars to your favorite restaurants, hair salons, and businesses near you. Let’s build a better world together–one small act of kindness at a time. Download the Xspero™ app on the Apple App Store and Google Play to make a difference in your community today.