Paint Colors That Open Up a Room

Have you ever painted a room? Do you remember how painstaking it was to decide on, not just the right color, but just the right shade? As you browse through different colors, you quickly realize how much there is to consider overall: room size, natural and artificial light, and how the room will fit the story of other rooms in your home. For those working with smaller spaces, opting for paint colors that open up a room is usually the desired result. 

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If you’re looking to create the illusion of a larger space in your home or business, here’s what to think about when choosing wall colors.

Neutral Colors

Colors such as tan or beige, for example, are considered neutral colors that give spaces a larger look when properly used. These colors reflect light rather than absorb it, allowing the room to seem much larger than it actually is. Paired with painting moldings or light-colored trims, neutral colors on the lighter end of the spectrum can have you fooling all of your guests into thinking they’re in a room larger than it is in reality. 

Black and White 

Does the idea of all white walls appeal to you? If so, you’re in luck. White, too, is a neutral color that reflects light and gives your room a larger appearance. However, many people prefer darker hues. Lucky for these people, having a solid black wall in a room can create the same illusion of a larger space. The solid black walls allow the furniture to stand out while the walls fade into the distant background. 

Warm vs. Cool Colors 

If you are looking for paint colors that open up a room, then ultra-pigmented colors such as red, orange, and yellow may not be your best bet. These warm colors will bring the walls closer to the center of the room, doing the opposite of what you desire. If you’re looking to really expand the look of your space, cool colors like blue, green, and violet will be your best best. The cool colors do the opposite of the warm by making the walls recede, allowing the illusion of a larger space to be in full effect. 

Accent Walls

Do you want the best of both worlds? A darker hue and an open space? Accent walls are a great loophole for meeting in the middle. By painting one wall a specific color, you can save the others for a neutral or lighter shade that will help create the illusion of depth. An accent wall will also create a focal point when pairing a color with higher pigment with a color of low saturation. 

With your newly painted space, guests could feel like they’re sitting in a castle. If you are looking to allow your residential or commercial spaces to appear much larger than they actually are with paint colors that open up a room, use the Xspero™ app to find the perfect vendor, such as Wall Pro Painting, to turn your vision into reality.