Our Story

Xspero was founded on one simple principle: better your community.

Xspero believes in the goodwill of people making a difference in the world. Every transaction made with the Xspero app has a significant impact on your local community. Our business model allows for every participant to benefit and most importantly, for every participant to give. An Xspero Gift Card purchase not only means 20% of that goes to a charity, but it also means growth and success for local merchants and trusted media companies in your region. Xspero fosters the world’s most innovative social-giving network because Giving Feels Good.

Meet our Founder: Ken

Ken Pustizzi is the founder of Xspero.™ He and his wife Stephanie have always had a passion for helping communities thrive by supporting local businesses and non-profits. They reside in South Jersey with their family and are very active in the Xspero™ day-to-day operations.

*Free Gift Cards while supplies last. 
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