5 Signs You Need an Oil Change

You already know that an oil change is a crucial part of routine maintenance. Still, many delay this service for various reasons. Many drivers rely on mileage over warning signs to determine whether or not they need an oil change. Knowing these signs could help extend the life of your engine and save you more in the long run.

When you use the Xspero™ app to pay for an oil change at one of our Auto Service merchant partners, 20% of your purchase benefits a local charity you get to choose.  Just one oil change can help make a change in your community without you spending more.

Some of our local, south jersey Auto Service partners include:

-Vann Auto Group Service, Vineland

-Main Auto, Vineland

-Russell’s Automotive Service Center, Bridgeton

-Tommy’s Auto Repair, Bridgeton

Uncle’s Garage, Vineland 

-Deltona Tires, Egg Harbor Twp.

-Fred Harz & Son, Elmer

Here are five warning signs to keep in mind that will let you know when you need to take your vehicle to one of these great local businesses for an oil change.

Excess Exhaust

Newer vehicles won’t typically release much visible exhaust from their tailpipes. However, if you notice what looks like smoke coming from the tailpipe in your vehicle, something’s in need of your attention. While this could mean more than one thing, you may need an oil change. 

Gritty Oil

Whenever you check your oil, inspect the texture on the dipstick. Over time, oil will pick up unwanted particles from the engine and will appear gritty and dirty. Dirty oil is thick and abrasive and can cause more wear to your engine. If your oil appears gritty, it’s time for an oil change.

Irregular Vibration

Whether oil levels are low or oil has become viscous and gritty from age, your engine may experience more friction. You might notice irregular shaking or vibrations when you drive or when you idle. Your vehicle’s performance will be impacted by dirty oil or low levels. Take this as a sign.

Unusual Noise

As motor oil circulates, it’s lubricating your engine and reducing the friction between different parts. When oil is low, old, or gritty, you may hear sounds like ticking or knocking coming from the engine. These are serious signs that an oil change is needed or a more serious problem is occurring.

Oil Smell Inside the Vehicle

If you get a whiff of oil from inside your vehicle, this usually indicates that the engine is overheating and oil is burning into the exhaust. When an engine overheats, it can cause extensive damage to your vehicle and can even cause a fire. So, if you smell oil inside your car, take it as a serious sign that you need an oil change right away.

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