Nor’Easter Nick & Friends Jump into Action

By: Nor’Easter Nick Pittman 
Some of our local communities are still reeling after the impact of the tornadoes just three weeks ago. Having spent the past decade + of my life in broadcast meteorology, I have seen a lot, but this event really shook me. While surveying the damage with the National Weather Service, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The only other time I ever witnessed such destruction was after Hurricane Sandy made landfall. I knew I had to do something to at least try and help the people impacted. With the support of hundreds of local people, I was able to put a benefit together that raised over ten thousand dollars. On Tuesday that money was donated to the United Way of Gloucester County helping their disaster relief fund surpass the fifty-thousand-dollar mark.
The United Way of Gloucester County is one of the great non-profits connected with us here at Xspero. They strive to make a difference in our community every day. They sprang into action to get their relief fund online the day after the storms and are currently working non-stop to get funds in the hands of people impacted as soon as possible. From coordinating in-kind donations with local officials to making sure the money donated goes to those Gloucester County residents most. If you are a Gloucester County resident who was impacted by storm damage and need assistance, you can apply here
You can help the United Way of Gloucester County achieve its objects daily by shopping local and using the Xspero app that is available for FREE on in your apple or google play store. When you use the Xspero app, 20% of your purchase can be donated directly to the United Way of Gloucester County or any one of our other great non-profits. It is a great way to give back to the community without taking additional money out of your pocket. Help us make a difference today by supporting local businesses and nonprofits in South Jersey!