Never Too Late to Learn: Music Lessons for All Ages

What better time than the new year than to pick up a new instrument for the very first time? Whether you’re experiencing an artistic renaissance of the soul in 2020 or you’re looking for the right place for your child to learn the guitar, now is the time to seize the moment through music. Music Stop in Cape May Court House, NJ offers music lessons on a variety of instruments. And when you use the Xspero™ app to pay for your session, 20% will benefit a local charity you choose—and it won’t cost you anything more.

Here are just four of the music lessons offered at Music Stop.


The piano is a popular choice for beginner music lessons. Like any musical instrument, the piano requires a commitment to the craft—but with some hard work and a positive outlook, you’ll see progress quickly under the right instruction. All that stands between you and a beautiful melody are 52 white keys, 36 black keys, and a little (okay, a lot of) dedication.


The guitar is one of, if not the most, commonly desired instruments to be played. It’s an instrument loved and learned by many. Learning the guitar has been linked to improved concentration and memory as well as hand coordination—just a few of the added benefits to being able to strum a few chords and sing along to your favorite song.

Bass is often an underrated instrument, but a vital one to the sound of music. It makes music sound full and strong, and it sets the foundation for melody and drums to work off. Learning the bass guitar is a worthwhile venture in music and one that will sharpen focus and help reduce stress.


For those looking for a challenge worth every bit the effort, learning the violin may be your best hand. An extremely disciplined instrument, learning the violin will teach patience and concentration in ways other instruments can’t quite compare. If you’re looking to play a classical instrument—the violin is beautiful to learn.

With so many instruments available to us, choosing the right one to learn can be tricky. It’s about know your personality and picking up the instrument that speaks to you. It’s never too late (and in some cases, never too early) to pick up an instrument or the very first time. Make 2020 your year to learn something with Music Stop and Xspero™.