Marketing Toolkit for Merchants

About the Toolkit

Congratulations on your decision to join Xspero™, the innovative social-giving network that helps merchants like yourself gain new customers and, at the same time, encourage your existing customers to frequent your business more often.

This toolkit is to promote your participation with Xspero™. It includes a sample press release, digital badges, hard copy signage, email, and more that you can share with your customers. Xspero™ was founded on one simple principle: better your community. Our business model allows not only for every participant to benefit, but most importantly, for every participant to give.

We provide a platform which is redefining society’s social-giving culture because Giving Feels GoodTM.

We encourage you to utilize any aspect of the toolkit in promoting your participation with Xspero™. If you have any questions or further needs, you can reach us through the Contact Xspero™ page located at the end of the toolkit or by visiting our website.

Thank you,
The Xspero™ Team

The Xspero™ Logo

Preserving the integrity of the Xspero™ logo and brand is essential. When promoting your participate using the Xspero™ name, only the authorized Xspero™ logo is permitted. The logo may not be altered in any way. Click here to download the Xspero™ logo.

Social Media and Digital Promotion

Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote your participation with Xspero™. When promoting Xspero™, we ask that you tag us in your posts.

You can find us on social media here:

Visit our pages and give us a Like or Follow. We’ll be sure to reciprocate on your pages, too.


When using hashtags, ensure that only the provided Xspero™ hashtags are used in promoting the partnership along with your hashtags. Appropriate hashtags to use on social media are: #Xspero, #XsperoApp, #XsperoGiving, #GivingFeelsGood, #XsperoNetwork

Social Media Copy Examples

Suggested copy to promote the partnership between Merchants and Xspero™ include the below, however, customizing with your online tone of voice makes the post more authentic and personable to your donor list.

Facebook Copy 1: We are proud to announce our partnership with Xspero, the app that helps you shop here at your favorite store and with every Xspero Dollars purchase, donate to a local charity of your choice. Watch the video to find out how it works and then download the app today!

Facebook Copy 2: Did you know that you can give to your favorite charity just by shopping with us? Download the Xspero app and 20% of every Xspero Dollars purchase will be donated to your preferred charity, without costing you more! To learn more about how it works or to download the app, visit!

Instagram Copy: We are proud to announce our partnership with Xspero, the app that helps you shop here at your favorite store and, with every purchase, #donate to your #charity of choice. Download the Xspero app today in your smart phone’s app store. #Xspero #GivingFeelsGood #Xspero Giving #Shopping, #XsperoNetwork

LinkedIn Copy: [Your Co. Name] is proud to announce we are now a participating merchant on Xspero! The Xspero app allows customers to shop in the community while donating to their favorite charity, at no additional cost! Click on the press release to find out how we’re helping to strengthen the community we serve!

*Merchants, see sample press release in toolkit

Social Media Tips

It’s best to post on social media when you know your customers are online. While it can depend on who your customers are, tools like Facebook’s Insights can help you determine what time they prefer to log in and check their accounts. Tips for making your post personal:

  1. Mention why your business decided to join the network
  2. Talk about some of the local charities that are benefiting
  3. Why you believe in the local community
  4. What inspires the business to give

Be sure to post a few times, not just once. You don’t need to create the same post every single day, but a schedule is recommended:

  1. Initial Announcement Post
  2. In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) Post (3 to 4 days later)

Social Media Images

Xspero™  images should be used as shown below and are not permitted to be altered in any way, including size, color, or background. Images for Facebook should be sized appropriately for optimized viewing. Click any of the images below to download and use to promote on your Facebook page.



Website Badges

We have provided an option for a digital badge that can be used on your website. The image should be used as shown to the right and it is not permitted to be altered in any way, including size, color, or background.
Click the image to download and use to promote on your website, ensuring the image links to

Email Badges

Promote your partnership with Xspero™ with your newsletter or email. Doing this has great potential to reach already engaged supporters. Xspero™ images should be used as shown below and are not permitted to be altered in any way, including size, color, or background. Click any of the images below to download and use to promote in your newsletter, ensuring that the images link to




An example of an email that can be sent to your subscribers is below. Just like with social media, adding your own personal touch that conveys your brand’s tone is always a good idea!

Email Copy

We are proud to announce we are now a participating merchant on the Xspero™ network. The Xspero™ app lets you shop here at your favorite store and donate to a charity of your choice.

20% of your Xspero™ Dollars purchase made on the Xspero™ app benefits your charity of choice, with no additional cost to you.

Just buy your Xspero™ Dollars on Xspero™ to [INSERT MERCHANT NAME]. When you redeem, you’ll receive the full worth–dollar for dollar!

Share this email with your friends and family to let them know we’re now listed on the Xspero™ app! Go to the app to see a full list of nonprofits that you can help by shopping on the network.

In-Store Collateral

Letting in-store customers know about your partnership with Xspero™ is a great way to start an in-person conversation with them. You can direct them to download the app and encourage them to use it the next time they are shopping. Click any of the images below to download and print to promote in your store location.

  • In-Store Signage (8.5”x 11”)
  • Point of Sale (4”X 6”)
  • Window (11” X 17”)
  • Receipt Add-On (4”x 3”)
  • Table Card (4”X 6”)

TableTent 4” X 6”

Poster 11” X 17”

In-store Signage 8.5” X 11”

Point of Purchase 4” X 6”

Receipt Add-on 4” X 3”

Sample Press Release

[Contact Title Ex. President] [PHONE][EMAIL]
For Immediate Release [DATE]

Donate While You Shop at [Co. Name]

[INSERT DATELINE Ex. Jan. 1st, 2019] [INSERT LOCATION Ex. Glassboro, NJ]– [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] is now a participating merchant on the Xspero™ network. Xspero™ is an app which sells prepaid, digital certificates called Xspero™ Dollars, redeemable at local merchants such as, [INSERT NAME HERE]. By shopping on Xspero™ , 20 percent of every Xspero™ Dollars purchase is donated to the user’s charity of choice, at no additional cost.

[INSERT A QUOTE FROM MERCHANT] Ex. “[Company Name] is dedicated to building our community, and this app makes it easier than ever,” said Michael Xspero, owner of [STORE NAME]. Anyone can start giving to any of the nonprofits in the network by downloading Xspero™ from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. After your account is created, browse a variety of participating, local merchants and buy Xspero™ Dollars. While users get the full-value paid for the certificate, 20 percent benefits a local charity, without costing you more.

On, it says, “Xspero™ in an innovative social-giving network that makes it easier than ever to help those who help others.”
Unlike other charitable programs, where some give less than 1 percent to the charity, participating charities can now receive 20 percent of every Xspero™ Dollars purchase on Xspero™. As a bonus, the app lists local merchants to encourage shopping and supporting small businesses.[INSERT A SECOND QUOTE FROM MERCHANT] Ex. “Every time I use the app, a homeless shelter in the community benefits from my purchases, it’s a win-win,” continued Xspero.

To learn more about [MERCHANT NAME], visit their website at [MERCHANT WEBSITE]. You can also visit or download the app on your smartphone or tablet.

[Include a paragraph that elaborates on your company. 3 to 5 sentences.]

Press Release Tips

  1. Before you send your press release out, have at least one other person proofread it to make sure all information is correct
  2. Include in the subject line “For Immediate Release” or “Press Release”
  3. In the email body, keep the message brief and interesting for the editor
  4. Copy and paste the press release at the bottom of the email
  5. Include a Word document as wellRemind the editor or journalist you can be contacted for further questions

Contact Xspero™

Have questions about your partnership with Xspero™ or need specific marketing collateral that isn’t offered in this toolkit? Find our contact information below.


*Free Gift Cards while supplies last. 
*Free Gift Cards will arrive by email within 2-3 business days.