Help the M25 Initiative Feed Cumberland County by Using Xspero

The M25 Initiative is proving that fellowship is a welcome reaction to hardship at a time when things are so uncertain for so many in our communities. In the face of the health crisis, generosity has bloomed like an iris in spring, and though we’re social distancing, in many ways, we’re closer than ever.

The M25 Initiative is helping make lasting change in Cumberland County during the health crisis and every day after. Through their charity, they’re helping end poverty in our local communities—but it’s their swift reaction to lack of resources that are helping hundreds of people right now.

As a part of the Xspero™ Network, the M25 Initiative has helped raise nearly $30,000 to help feed Cumberland County during the crisis, and their goal is to raise even more. Through generous donations and your use of the Xspero™ app, all children and families can continue to have food on the table in Cumberland County.

Your use of the Xspero™ app helps fund charities like the M25 Initiative so they can feed our community in need. 20% of every purchase made on the app is donated to a charity you get to choose. Whether you’re getting a local oil change or ordering delivery from your favorite South Jersey restaurants, every bit counts in making life a little better for those affected most by the health crisis.

At Xspero™, we like to look for the beauty in the bad. These times are hard, but the beautiful thing is the compassion and generosity we’re witnessing as a community. We’re all neighbors and we’re working together in spite of a crisis because fellowship is greater than any hardship in the way. Your generosity is not only feeding our communities, it’s giving back to you. After all, giving is a gift—because when you give, you truly receive. 

Check out some of the local organizations who are helping provide free meals to Cumberland County residents thanks to money raised for the M25 Initiative:

•          Bethany Grace Community Church

•          Bethany Grace Community Church

•          Bethany Seventh Day Adventist Church

•          Bridgeton Rotary Lunch Club

•          First United Methodist Church

•          First Wesleyan Church

•          Help and Hope

•          Manna from Heaven

•          Margaret A. White Missionary Society at Trinity AME Church

•          Pope Francis Food Pantry

•          St. Andrews Church of the Resurrection

•          St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church

•          Vineland Soup Kitchen

Learn more about the M25 Initiative and how they’re helping put an end to poverty in Cumberland County by clicking here.