3 Landscaping Ideas from South Jersey Landscape Supply

Summer is almost here. As we nearly hear the collective removal of swimming pool covers and the jingle of ice cream trucks beyond the block, it’s time to think of landscaping ideas that will leave all the neighbors looking. Truth is, we all enjoy an immaculate yard. From lawn striping to planting, there’s a lot of work involved—but it’s always worth it when the sun sets and the last of the mulch is laid.

South Jersey Landscape Supply in Vineland, NJ is a top seller for landscaping tools, annuals, shrubs, fertilizers, stone, mulch, and more. If anyone has a few landscaping ideas, it’s these guys. When you use the Xspero app to purchase Xspero Dollars to use at South Jersey Landscape Supply, 20% goes to any charity you choose in the app just by getting your yard into shape!

Here are three simple, yet effective, landscaping ideas to bring your yard to life this spring and summer.

Creating Contrast
You can create eye-catching contrast in your yard by sectioning areas using one type of flower or plant and then sectioning another area in front, behind, or beside it. Grouping flowers and plants with contrasting shades and hues in linear lines or clusters will create a color-blocking effect that will draw the eye in. South Jersey Landscape Supply offers a variety of flowers and plants perfect for creating contrast in your yard this summer. And with the Xspero app, your community will bloom with every fresh flower you plant when you purchase your Xspero Dollars to shop in the app.

Shrubs That Bloom
By adding shrubs that bloom in summer to your landscape, you’ll enjoy vivid color without having to plant a village of vines and flowers. It’s a simple way to get an eye-catching look in your landscape. Consider shrubs like butterfly or hydrangea bushes to add blossoming flowers to your yard. You can even prune shrubs when they begin to lose their bloom to encourage the growth of new flowers.

High and Low
Don’t think of landscaping as just the ground level. Incorporating planters and hanging baskets at various points and heights creates a whimsical effect that will have neighbors’ eyes dancing all around your yard. Use pillars, tree stumps, or anything with height to display flowers and foliage. Planting “high and low” in your landscape will bring new intrigue to your yard this summer by giving variance to an otherwise “grounded” landscape.

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