Its Gift Card BOGO Time!

What are you waiting for?

Just in time for the holidays – Buy one, get one FREE at selected Xspero merchants from now until December 31st.

It’s simple! Just check your Xspero app for Buy One, Get One deals at selected merchants!  It’s an Xspero Xtreme Deal!

Buy one for yourself and get one for free to give to a friend, family, teacher, or even yourself.

This is the season of giving, why not support your favorite charity and local businesses by shopping with Xspero?

Do you know how to give Xspero Digital Gift Cards – contact-free?

It’s a simple and safe way to give this holiday season!

Click here for more ways to celebrate the holidays – Contact-free! 

First, purchase an Xspero Digital Gift Card to one of our amazing Xspero Merchants. There are more than 100 small south jersey businesses on the Xspero app to chose from. From favorite restaurants, coffee shops, salons to shops – there’s something for everyone on your list!

Once you complete your Xspero purchase, you’ll see that 20% of what you spend on Xspero goes right to your charity of choice. 20% goes a long way in supporting the good done in your community!

When you are ready to give that Xspero Digital Gift Card to someone else – simply look in your “My Xspero” digital wallet. There you will see all the Xspero Digital Gift Cards you have purchased.  Tap on the one you want to give. Once you do you will see the word “Transfer” in the upper right corner of your screen. Tap on the word “Transfer” and a menu will pop up. The menu features all the ways you can give this Xspero Digital Gift Card to your friends and family. We recommend text, email, or even facebook messenger!

Once you select which way you’re going to give the digital gift card you can personalize the message to anything you want – just make sure you don’t alter the link included in the message. If you mess up – don’t worry! You can cancel the transfer and start again!

Click here for a video showing you how to give Xspero Digital Gift Cards.

When you purchase an Xspero Digital Gift Card from one of our selected Xtreme Deals merchants, you will receive a free Xspero Digital Gift Card by email within 48 hours! Give the gift of shopping small and supporting your favorite caused this season with Xspero!

Check your Xspero app for selected Xtreme Deals merchants and start shopping today!