Improving Public Speaking Skills at Toastmasters Millville

What was your very first public speaking experience? Maybe a book report in grade school or a round of show and tell. One thing most agree on is that speaking before a crowd, no matter the size, can be daunting. Which is why the Toastmasters of Millville are helping leaders of tomorrow find their voices and master public speaking skills needed to pursue a better, brighter future.

The Xspero Network understands the importance of influence for good. And whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone looking to find your voice, partial earnings from the Xspero app help Millville Speak E-Z Toastmasters give public speaking skills to those reaching higher in their professional and personal lives.

Here’s how the Toastmasters of Millville helps to improve public speaking skills for its members. 


Receiving support is an important part of developing strong public speaking skills. And by establishing a sense of community, the Millville chapter of Toastmasters encourages strong communication tactics at their Millville Speak E-Z meetings.

Developing strong public speaking skills is made more accessible for those who seek comfort in the community. To be in the presence of like-minded people drives members to a singular goal: to be greater communicators and leaders. That very sense of community creates a safe space for practice and growth. So, in short, support is key.   


Having an outlet or opportunity to hone a craft or discipline is a valuable thing. By dissecting all the moving parts of effective public speaking, the Toastmasters of Millville provide new opportunities to those looking to improve their public speaking skills. Using different modes of public speech, members become well-versed with different situations.

Having a platform to grow and explore public speech in a positive learning environment is a priceless exercise in self-esteem. Because when you feel good, you do better.


Exposure to different modes of public speech provides a unique opportunity for developing skills. Situations like sales pitches, speaking to diverse audiences, using visual aids, and mastering body language give range and experience to any public speaking scenario. And the more you’re exposed to, the more experience you have to draw from.

The Millville Speak E-Z meetings make achieving range a goal for its members. Because success is multi-faceted; it’s more than just one side.

Members of the Millville Speak E-Z meet every first and third Thursday at the Dr. Malgorzata Piszcz-Connelly medical center at 1700 North 10th Street in Millville, NJ.

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