5 Home Improvement Tips from Six South Jersey Businesses

The right home improvement tips can make the process of renovating a little more conscious and organized. Rushing into a renovation without a little thought leaves room for mishaps and mistakes. Which is why we’ve curated this quick list of home improvement tips from six of our merchants on the Xspero™ Network.

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Here are five home improvement tips from Xspero™ merchants to keep in mind during your home remodel or refresh.

#1: Have the right tools.

Whether or not you’re taking a DIY approach to remodeling, it’s always smart to have the right tools handy for projects around the house.

LaTorre Hardware in Vineland, NJ, suggests every DIYer has these essentials before beginning a home improvement project, big or small.

  • Measuring tape
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bits
  • Cat’s paw
  • Demolition pry bar
  • Pliers
  • Level
  • Hammers
  • Saws
  • Shop vacuum
  • Masks/Safety glasses
  • Extension cords
  • Ladder
  • Lighting
  • Tarps
  • Duct tape

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#2: Don’t overlook kitchen and bathroom storage.

If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, you already know there’s a lot that goes into every decision. So much so, it can be easy to forego function for style. Sure, you want your space to be beautiful, but you want it to be practical, too.

Matteo Kitchens in Woodstown, NJ, urges homeowners renovating a kitchen or bathroom to consider the many storage options available. From drawer dividers to pantry pullouts, there are so many new ways to maximize the storage in your space.

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#3: Don’t skimp on flooring material quality.

While you can cut corners on costs in some areas of your remodel, one place you shouldn’t is flooring. Poor flooring choices can affect the entire remodel, and even worse, may need to be replaced only a few years down the line if the materials aren’t of quality, says Highland Carpet in Franklinville, NJ.

Pennsville-based retailer and installer, Sharon Kay Flooring Concepts, adds that choosing quality flooring should be matched with choosing a reliable installer. Unless you’re familiar with installing flooring, taking the DIY approach may not be your best bet.

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#4: Know when to paint.

At what point during a remodel should you paint? It’s a common question homeowners ask during a renovation. Painting before the installation of new flooring, for example, will ensure your carpet, hardwood, or laminate is safe from drips, drops, and spatters. However, installation after painting may cause scuffs or scratches in your fresh paint job.

So, when is best? Depending on the scale of your remodel, the optimal time to paint may vary. If you’re installing cabinets, shelving, or other large pieces in a room, it may be best to paint prior to installation, according to experts at WallPro Painting in Vineland, NJ.

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#5: Figure out the furniture.

Furnishing a home can be exciting—but it can also be stressful. Are you making the right choices? Will that sofa work with your space? How about the end tables, coffee table, bedroom set, and entertainment center?

Experts at BH Furniture in Vineland, NJ, suggest starting with an appropriate theme in mind. This doesn’t mean it can’t change or evolve as you shop around for furniture, but it needs to click with your space, your wall color, and the character of your home. Consider the different textiles, textures, and shades that will create harmony in your space without everything being the same material or color. Then use décor to accent and add pop to create nuance in each room.

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