Holiday Spirit: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Holiday spirit—what’s in the name? What does it mean to be merry?  Between all the parties and shopping excursions over the holiday season, there’s a sound all around like a buzz in the air. It’s a silver bell jingle and a voice only heard in the mind. An inner echo calling to give of yourself and your heart. For some, it’s a shout—others, a whisper. Lend your ear and listen. How loudly do you hear your holiday spirit?

For so many around the world, around the country, and in our close-knit communities, the holidays hit hard on the heart. Perry Como once sang, “there’s no place like home for the holidays”—and for some in your community, there’s no place for them to call home. For some, there is no food for feasting, gifts for giving, or hope to hold to. For some, their spirits are broken.

We want to change that. What we do right now together can help those in need in the new year. Using Xspero™ to shop local merchants for holidays gifts is more than a way to shop—it’s the gift that keeps on giving. With every purchase you make with Xspero™, 20% benefits a local charity you choose without costing you more. Your 20% can help find a home for the homeless. Your 20% can help abandoned animals find food, shelter, and medical care. Your 20% can help deliver hot meals to the elderly. Your 20% can make a difference.

You decide how your contribution helps your community—all without spending more. That’s the beauty of our network, and we need your help to grow. Your holiday spirit can change a life, and what better gift can you give?

Give a gift that means more this holiday season by downloading our app and gifting Xspero™ Dollars to family and friends, no matter if they’re on our network or not. You can help make the new year brighter for those in your community in three easy steps.

  1. Simply purchase Xspero™ Dollars to any restaurant, hair salon, body shop, or local business listed in the app, and then choose a charity for your 20% to go to.
  2. Under “My Xsperos,” select the Xspero™ certificate you want to gift and tap “transfer.” You can now choose from several apps on how you want to send your gift.
  3. There really is no step three. Your recipient can now enjoy the full value of your purchase with the merchant you’ve selected and a local charity receives 20%. That’s a win/win.

Holiday spirit is more than the music, more than the mistletoe, more than the menagerie of gifts. It’s about heart. It’s about sharing. It’s about giving what you can. Help us make the new year bright for those in your community. Shop local with Xspero™, and be the change you want to see.

Happy shopping.