5 Holiday Photo Ideas to Consider for Your Postcard

For those who don’t have a freelance photographer in the family or who want to take a DIY approach to their holiday card this year, there are simple ways to up your photo game this holiday season. The following holiday photo ideas are easy, inexpensive, and festive—and there’s always magic in every frame when you’re having fun with photos.

If your camera isn’t living up to the quality you want in a photo, T&F Camera Shop in Vineland, NJ carries a full line of DSLRs, flashes, and studio lighting to make the most of your holiday card this year. And when you pay with the Xspero™ app, 20% of your purchase will help make the season bright for a charity in need.

So, say cheese! Here are five holiday photo ideas consider this year.

Into the Woods

In the late fall, grab your family and head into the woods nearest you. Snapping a quick photo in front of the trees is not only effortless but eye-catching as well. Nature is always ready for its close up, so finding a picturesque spot outdoors and taking a simple photo surrounded by the beauty of trees and fallen leaves make for the simple holiday card photo you have been waiting to capture.

Sending a Sign

It can be difficult to arrange a holiday photoshoot with family so that everyone hits their marks and there’s not a hair out of place on your children’s’ heads. Have everyone hold up a sign or a prop in the photo so hands are busy and not awkwardly positioned. Sometimes, landing the right pose is much harder than it looks!

Holiday Pajamas 

Has this one been overdone? Sure. Should that matter? Of course, not! If you’re looking for a classic shot of the family with a twist, wearing matching pajamas and posing around the tree, by the fireplace, down the open staircase, or elsewhere in your home has the potential for fun. This is an easy way to capture your family lightheartedly without restless kids pulling at sashes and bows and looking uncomfortable in the final shot. 

You and Your Pet

Who doesn’t love photos with four-legged friends? Snapping a shot with a cat or a dog may be a little harder than directing your family where to stand and when to smile, but photos with pets have room to be more aww-inducing. It may take a few rounds, but you’re sure get a good one with a little practice and some patience. You can even have your furry friend don a Christmas hat or holiday necktie if they can stand it long enough!

Add Something Sweet

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the endless array of sweets: from hot chocolate to homemade cookies, there are plenty of treats that make holiday weight gain an unfortunately very real thing. When having your usual hot chocolate, or perhaps while decorating sugar cookies, strike a quick pose and snap a shot of the moment. These are some of the raw moments that are cherished, which makes it even more appealing to represent your family on your holiday card. 

Using a high-quality DSLR like Canon, Nikon, or Sony, which can be found locally at T&F Camera Shop, with these holiday photo ideas can really make your postcard pop. Experimenting with the right lighting and planning your shoot out a little in advance can help you get just the right shot, whether you’re with the family, posing with your pooch, or snapping photos of the kids this holiday. Just remember to let loose and have some fun!

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