Help your Community Thrive – Become an Xspero Ambassador!

You know that little warm feeling you get in your chest when you help someone who wasn’t expecting anything from you but you freely gave it anyway?

What if I told you that’s how I feel when I show someone how they can help their community without paying out of their pocket or breaking a sweat?

It’s what I do as an XsperoTM Ambassador!

There is so much going on in the world right now, it is sometimes hard to see that there are many good things still happening. Many of us have been struggling financially, either because of a loss of employment or needing to stay home with children whose school has turned to virtual learning. It is not easy, but we truly are in this together. Now is a fine time for communities to pull together. It takes all types of people to create a community from Families to Businesses. Xspero is designed to help that community thrive.

Make an Impact – Shop Small! 

Xspero delivers one of the world’s most innovative social giving apps. The backbone of this company isn’t just the technology or the idea, it’s the people. Passionate, community-minded people are behind the Xspero app. Although clever, this groundbreaking app which modernizes the concept of bartering and fundraising is run by a network of real human beings who have a passion for supporting local, small businesses and helping charities flourish. As a member of the Xspero Ambassador network, I can tell you that I not only love my job, but I feel good about what I do every day. I enjoy sharing Xspero with all my friends and family. Once you get to know us, you realize we are so much more than a mobile app.

Not everyone has the ability to donate extra money to charities, but with Xspero, now just about anyone can and easier than ever. With Xspero, you don’t have to spend anything extra to give. Xspero doesn’t just give back to communities by supporting local, small businesses, and helping local charities. We also give back by hiring members in your community to work with area businesses, charities, and local customers. When you have a question about making a purchase, redeeming a gift card, or using the app in general, we’ll have an answer for you.

Xspero is ready to grow and share its gift to other communities. We are looking to expand our network of passionate Ambassadors and offer a unique, flexible schedule and compensation. If you have between five and ten hours of extra time each week, enjoy speaking to people, are active on social media, and want to help your community thrive, I’d love to speak to you.

Send me an email at or visit the Ambassador page at for more information.

~Celeste Bumpus