Give More with Xspero

Are you one of those amazing people who gives to others? Or do you want to be one of those people that give, but find yourself strapped for time and cash? Either way, Xspero is for you!

The design behind Xspero allows you to give more to wonderful causes no matter what your current giving level is – and it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

When you download the Xspero app from your phone’s app store (available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store), you select your favorite charity from the dozens of local charity partners. Now when you make an Xspero Digital Gift Card purchase to one of the 100+ local businesses on the app, 20% goes to your selected charity. That’s it. You use your Xspero Digital Gift Card at the businesses and get the full gift card amount deducted from your bill.

What do merchants get from Xspero?

That 20% can really add up! And there’s even a way to track how much you’re giving on the Xspero app itself. The total amount you’ve donated through your use of the Xspero app in shown under your profile. Simply tap on the profile icon on the bottom of your Xspero home screen. There you’ll see the total amount you’ve donated with Xspero as well as the number of donations. Taking a look at the number can really help you feel good about how much you’re giving to help others. As we like to say – Giving feels good!

You can also share how much you’ve donated with friends and see how much they’re donating as well using our Xspero Leaderboard.  Simply tap on your donations to be taken to the Leaderboard page. Here you can see your friends. You can even follow each other and create your own giving competition!

Change your profile picture or even opt out of being seen on the leaderboard by making changes to your Xspero profile settings.

Xspero’s partner charities are doing amazing things in our community. We work with dozens of local nonprofits that help feed and shelter the homeless, rescue animals, support our youth and help our south jersey communities in dozens of ways. You can be a part of it! It doesn’t take much to give more with Xspero! Just an extra 30 seconds or so when making a purchase at some of our favorite local restaurants and small businesses. You simply take out the app and redeem your digital gift card. It’s a quick and easy way to give without costing you more!

For more information on how to use Xspero or how to use the Xspero Leaderboard, check out our video tips page on our website at