How to Give in Times of Need

Charities rely on your donations all year round, but in times of need opening your heart and your wallet means just a little bit more. Many of us, our family, friends, and/or neighbors were impacted when the remnants from Hurricane Ida swept through south jersey on Sept. 1st.

The impact was devastating and all-encompassing for some, but what was also overwhelming was the south jersey community’s dedication to helping their neighbors. From showing up to lend a hand, to dropping off food and supplies to giving money, south jersey turned out to help those most in need.

Join the Xspero Community!

You can still make a difference and it won’t even cost you anything extra when you use the Xspero app to make purchases at local businesses and restaurants. When you select a south jersey charity that is helping those in need like the United Way of Gloucester County, you give 20% of your Xspero purchase right to those who need it. It’s easy, doesn’t cost you anything extra, and only takes about 30 seconds!

The United Way of Gloucester County is one of our Xspero Partner Charites who respond in a crisis. They have created the Gloucester County Disaster Relief Fund and you can give directly to that fund through their website.

Charity Navigator, a website that lets you know how charities and nonprofits use funds raised, offers the following tips on giving in a crisis:


Be careful with your donations

The gift you make, especially after a disaster, is powerful, so you should choose your recipient carefully. Before making a contribution, confirm that you are supporting a reputable organization that will do its best to respond to the disaster.


Your social media feed will often display pleas for donations tied to crowdfunding campaigns. You are more likely to know where the funds are going if you are close with the person creating the crowdfunding campaign, or if the creator is a friend-of-a-friend.



Do the most good

When a disaster strikes, it’s easy to see pictures and footage from the affected areas and feel compelled to give clothing and blankets. But the most valuable gift is money. Donating money will allow charities to quickly purchase supplies to deal with the ever-changing needs of those impacted.


Consider the long-term

Recovery efforts can take months, if not years. In the months ahead, consider checking in with recovery charities to see how their needs have changed and how you can continue to support them.

Tips for getting the most out of Xspero!

Giving feels good and you can keep that good feeling going when you use the Xspero app to give to local charities without costing you more! If you don’t have the Xspero app yet, download it today from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store!