Filling Your Home Oil Tank Can Help Your Community with D&M Discount Fuels

It’s that time of year again—and we’re not talking about the leaves changing color. It’s time to fill up the oil tank. Truthfully, no one looks forward to footing the bill on a fill up—but what if filling your home’s oil tank could benefit a charity near you without you spending more? When you choose D&M Discount Fuels in Woodstown, NJ, you have the option to pay with Xspero™ Dollars—but how does it work?

When you download the Xspero™ app, you can purchase Xspero™ Dollars to any local merchant listed for various amounts. Immediately after your purchase, you choose a local charity in the app to donate 20% of your purchase to—without spending more. It’s the money you’d spend anyway, but we help stretch it further for the betterment of your communities, and there’s always a reason to give with charities like animal shelters, food pantries, art centers, churches, after school programs, and more.

Filling up your home’s oil tank with D&M Discount Fuels can help fill the tanks of charities near you, so to speak. It’s the kind of selfless giving that doesn’t cost you anything but a minute or two of your time and a few taps on your smartphone. It’s easier than you think to pay it forward with Xspero™–and our partners, like D&M Discount Fuels, make giving simple on the money you would spend either way.

D&M Discount Fuels is a full-service oil company providing #2 home heating oil to residential customers in Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties. D&M also provides service to farms and commercial accounts and dedicates themselves to the communities they serve, making them a perfect fit for the Xspero™ network.

It doesn’t take much to pay it forward. All it takes is a desire to do so, and we’d like to think that everyone has a wish to give—because giving feels good.

It’s that time of year again. Are you ready to make a difference with Xspero™ and D&M Discount Fuels?

Want more ways to give back on every Xspero™ Dollar you spend? Download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play to see which new merchants have been added near you. Be sure to check which new charities have joined the Xspero™ network for more ways to give.