3 Family Portrait Ideas from Brass Frog Photography

Some say a picture’s worth a thousand words—but when you have a family, a picture together is worth so much more. From social media to the boards of Pinterest, there’s a wealth of family portrait ideas to muse and explore. Your picture-perfect moment begins with finding family portrait ideas that work for you and yours, and the photographer is always there to bring that vision to life.  

Brass Frog Photography specializes in capturing life’s little moments and making memories last a lifetime. Whether you’re planning a pregnancy announcement, capturing a reunion, or simply framing a photo to hang in the den, your day is celebrated in shutter speed and sepia tones with Brass Frog Photography.

When you use the Xspero™ app to pay for your family photo shoot, you get more than a day to remember. You help your community with 20% of your purchase going to a charity you choose in the app. Whether it’s helping find a home for the homeless, sheltering helpless animals, or supporting the arts in your community, your dollar goes further with Xspero™.   

Here are three family portrait ideas and directions to consider for your photoshoot with Brass Frog Photography.


Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to get outside and take advantage of the natural light in your photos. Once you’ve decided on a location for your shoot (maybe the beach, a peaceful park, or even an indoor studio if you’re so inclined), it’s time to decide on a direction. Classic family portraits capture the love and togetherness of your family unit. Their simplicity delivers a sense of class and elegance that make for beautiful photos. Consider dressing the family in the same color palette without matching outfits. Have each member dress in a separate shade of one color so everyone’s not overly matched. 


Some of the best photos taken are those that are candid. There’s magic in the moment when a photographer puts down the camera and the pressure is off to pose. Instruct your photographer to follow you and your family on a walk on the beach or a stroll through the park. You may know a photo is being taken, but if you remember to be present in the moment, something magical can happen!


If you’re looking to step outside the box and go for something a little more fun and a little less classic, getting creative during your photoshoot with Brass Frog Photography can have beautiful results. Consider using props, spelling out a word with giant letters, or using your shadows for a dramatic effect in your photos. Have everyone jump at once, lay down in the grass in a circle, or have your family run into the ocean with their backs to the lens. No matter the direction you take during the shoot, remember to be free, let go, and have fun!  

How else can you use Xspero™ to give back on everyday purchases? Download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and visit our blog for more ways to use the app in your community!