5 Fall Hair Trends

There’s something about fall that makes you want to change with the season, and if you’re ready to switch up your look this autumn, there are a handful of fall hair trends already taking over. Salon Fabrojae in Vineland, NJ takes hair design to a new level with cuts and color that will leave you feeling great about your new ‘do.

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Here are five fall hair trends to keep in mind the next time you sit down in the chair at Salon Fabrojae.

Changing Color

When the leaves change color, why shouldn’t you? If there’s ever a time to switch up your shade, fall may be just right to introduce a little drama to your look. Red is a trend that’s popping up in autumn with promise. From deep auburn to strawberry blonde, red is the rage for bold fall color. However, if you’re a brunette looking to embolden your look without being too drastic, dark chocolate is one of these fall hair trends that will make hair appear more luxe.


Bangs are back again, but this time around, it’s not about cookie-cutter cuts. The trend is all about working with what you’ve got. Certain bang styles, cuts, and lengths work best with certain hair types, thickness, and face shapes. So, be sure to talk to your stylist at Salon Fabrojae about the look that’ll serve you best.  

Shaggy Bob

Last fall, ultra-blunt bobs with ends so sharply chopped you could cut yourself were what we’d call “the look.” This fall, things are softer. Bobs that aren’t one length but layered, textured, and casually styled take the blunt bob trend and turn it on its head.


Boho is bouncing back with lots of shaggy layers. Taking inspiration from the ‘60s and ‘70s, expect to see long hair lengths with many levels of fringe this fall. This layered hairstyle works great as a messy ponytail with face-framing fringe that will almost double as another hairstyle.


After seeing retro waves return this summer, it’s no surprise that big, bouncy blowouts and brushed-out volume are a hot ticket this fall. Messy, undone hair has been in vogue for quite a while, and now feels right to return to a more polished look with a blow-dry, no matter straight or wavy.

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