The Ride of Your Life with Dusty’s Custom Auto Detailing

Few things in life compare to the feeling of hitting the road in a newly-detailed car. Spotless floors, the fresh, clean scent, and the brilliant gleam on the body of your ride. Nothing will make you want to hit the road more this summer than the immaculate detail job from Dusty’s Custom Auto Detailing in Bridgeton, NJ. Just imagine: it’s sunny and 75, the windows are down, and the wind is rolling through. The stereo’s on, the volume is up, and your favorite song is roaring over the asphalt as you take a cruise down the shore or just a trip to the store.

With Father’s Day so soon, what better way to thank Dad for everything he does than by giving him pride in his ride? With Xspero™, when you purchase Xspero Dollars to Dusty’s Custom Auto Detailing, 20% of your purchase automatically goes to any charity you see listed in the app. A gift for Dad and a gift for someone in your community.

Dusty’s Custom Auto Detailing provides a deep clean from the inside-out. From floors and floor mats to headliners, seats, and trunk areas, a good vacuum goes a long way—especially when you’re unable to reach those spaces under seats and hard-to-reach areas with just any car wash vacuum. A full dash and interior wipe down leaves no trace of dust behind, and the glass in your windows and windshield will never look cleaner or clearer.

Dusty’s Custom Auto Detailing carries all kinds of cleaning products and potions that will leave your car with a spotless gleam and help protect its body paint. From headlight cleaning to tire shine, every detail from start to finish is carried out with finesse.   

Dusty’s Custom Auto Detailing also offers car pickup and drop-off for their detailing services.

Ready to hit the road in style and help members in your community without spending more? From sustaining the arts to helping those without a home find a place to call their own right here in Cumberland County, you have the power to do more with less. Your dollar goes further with Xspero™. Download the Xspero™ app today on the Apple App Store and Google play to start making a difference in your community one purchase at a time!