Dealing with Hair Loss

By: Jennifer Williams- Salon Fabrojae’ Editorial Staff

In our social media era, where everything is centered around what people can see, hair (or the lack of) can be very influential. Hair loss can happen suddenly or progressively and can be scary and emotional. Experts at Xspero Merchant, Salon Fabrojae’ say that understanding the cause and knowing what to do if you’re experiencing hair loss is essential to your hair regrowth process.

The first step in dealing with hair loss is finding out why. Having a relationship with a well-educated hairstylist is the foundation to all great hair! Receiving regular hair care is the first line of defense against hair loss. A well-educated stylist will take notice of sudden or progressive hair thinning and loss and will be able to direct you to the proper products and if necessary, the right medical professionals.

There are many reasons one may be losing their hair. Health issues can play a large role in hair loss as well as hair growth retention. Many medicines and medical treatments may cause hair loss. So, if you’re experiencing hair loss while on medication, consult your doctor about possible side effects. Many that have had the Covid-19 virus have also experienced hair loss after recovering. There has been research revealing an escalated incidence of pattern hair loss in COVID-19 patients. Other bodily and hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause can also attribute to hair thinning and loss.

Gradual hair thinning and loss may also be due to genetics, family history, age, weight gain/loss, stress, and poor nutrition. So, being conscious of your overall health and wellness plays a major role in the health of your hair. Learning what products work for your hair and protective styling will aid with hair loss, hair regrowth, and healthy hair retention. The professional stylists at Salon Fabrojae’, provide excellent hair care and pride themselves on giving each client the best services every day. Each stylist is knowledgeable in the offered product lines at the salon and works to educate each client on how to care for their hair at home.

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