Celebrate the Holidays – Contact-free!

Celebrate the holidays – Contact-free!

As the holiday season begins, we all know this year will be different than any other. To keep it safe, we’ve got to stay apart. So what ways can we celebrate with our family and friends without putting anyone at risk?

  1. Video calls – There are so many options to enjoy each other over video these days. From Zoom to Facetime to Google Meet, set up a time to chat with your loved ones over the next few weeks. Even better? Set up a regular time to check-in – maybe meet up weekly to see one another through the magic of the internet!


  1. Contact-free gifting – Xspero makes it easy to give a gift through email, text, or even facebook messenger and with Xspero’s Buy One, Give One offer! From now until December 31st when you purchase an Xspero Digital Gift Card from one of the selected merchants, you get one free to give to your friends, family, teacher or even yourself! It’s an Xspero Xtreme Deal! Download the Xspero app from your phone’s app store to see which local businesses you can choose from.

Learn more about Xspero’s Buy One, Gift One offer here.

  1. Play each other in a virtual game – Whether you’re a weather fiend or your family knows everything about Disney movies, there are a number of online trivia games that will not only allow you to play against family members virtually but also others in your community. Get your friendly, family competition on – contact-free! Check your Xspero app for Virtual Trivia Nights that benefit a number of local charities and offer Xspero Digital Gift Cards to local businesses as prizes!


  1. Drive-by Light Shows – put on a special holiday light show for those you love who are near enough to drive over. Add music and even costumes to your favorite Christmas carols. Give folks a time to drive-by and be as silly as you want while you celebrate contact-free with festive fun!

Even though you can’t share your typical holiday traditions, you can still share this special time of year with those you love.