Fall Car Maintenance Checklist

Having a car maintenance checklist is something all drivers should have, no matter the season. That said, there are some things you can’t always get away with in the winter that you need to take care of now when it comes to your vehicle.

Our friends at Main Auto, LLC in Vineland, NJ, understand the importance of a car maintenance checklist and helped us put together these tips on prepping your vehicle for winter. When you visit Main Auto, LLC for a service and pay with the Xspero™ app, 20% goes to a charity your choose. That way, your money helps a local business and a local nonprofit, all without costing you more.

Here are five things you should be able to check off your car maintenance checklist this fall.

1. Check your oil.
An oil change is a crucial part of routine maintenance and what keeps your engine happy and running smoothly. For older models, pop the hood on your vehicle and check the dipstick to clock the current condition and level of your oil. If the oil is gritty, thick, or abrasive in appearance, it’s probably time for a change. On newer models, you can check the in-car computer for when it’s time to change the oil.

2. Check tire pressure and tread depth.
Ensuring your tires are in good condition will help keep you safe on the road. Over time, tires wear down and often lose pressure, so checking in on their condition should be on your car maintenance checklist. Give your tires a thorough visual inspection. If you spot any uneven tread patterns, it may be time for a rotation or new tires altogether. Having traction on slick, rainy roads or icy streets is critical for safety.

3. Replace your windshield wipers and top off washer fluid.
We had a warm and rainy summer—both of which can cause wear and tear on your wiper blades. Having your wipers replaced and topping off your washer fluid will help you see your best (short of a visit to the optometrist) this coming winter on the road. Inspect the rubber strip on your wiper blades. If it’s cracked or coming off the blade, you’ll definitely want it replaced.

4. Inspect exterior lights and signals.
As we drive deeper into fall, the less the light we have in our days. That means we’ll be spending more time driving in the dark. Ensuring your exterior lights and signals are functioning could make a difference in staying safe (and avoiding a ticket!). Perform regular tests at home by monitoring your headlights, high beams, rear lights, brake lights, and turn signals.

5. Check your coolant and brake fluid levels.
Unless you’re familiar with checking coolant and brake fluid levels, this may require some help from a professional. Coolant helps keep your engine running at the optimal temperature, while brake fluids keep your brakes performing effectively. Check your owner’s manual for specifics on checking these levels or contact Main Auto, LLC.

Want to add to your car maintenance checklist this fall?Here are five warning signs that you need an oil change.