Menu Magic at Bogart’s Bookstore & Café

In chilly fall weather, it’s tempting to curl up with a cup of coffee and a book you’ve never read—and those are the thoughts of Rich Ford, the owner of the cozy Bogart’s Bookstore & Café  in Millville, New Jersey. This South Jersey gem features the comfort of a café with the fare of a refined restaurant, as owner Rich Ford utilizes his background in the restaurant business to create divine dishes featuring locally-sourced ingredients. 

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Behind the handcrafted dishes, Ford employs his talents acquired from ten years of experience at a South Jersey restaurant known for its signature food and luxurious setting. Working in the kitchen influenced Ford’s use of select ingredients. When asked the “trick of the trade,” Rich said in an interview on the Positive Perspective show for SNJ Today Radio that, “it is learning how to do something well.” Ford considers himself a “student of the craft,” constantly evolving to produce dishes that will satisfy. “We strive for perfection,” he added–and his dishes do not disagree.

So, what types of dishes do they feature at Bogart’s Bookstore & Café? Depending on the season, dishes may vary. The select menu constantly changes, utilizing in-season foods from local sources to create delicious dishes from pierogies to caprese sandwiches. That means every time you drop by, you’ll be trying an exciting new find. A recent favorite? Sweet potato and apple soup, which pairs perfectly with a chilly autumn afternoon and a new book that you can discover on Bogart’s bookshelves. 

Aside from the menu, Ford wakes up bright and early to prepare fresh baked goods, such as pumpkin scones and cinnamon rolls. The luring aroma wafting from Bogart’s Bookstore & Café  is sure to attract many during the fall and looming winter. Be sure to head over to Bogart’s to check out their menu for the week, featuring foods from your favorite local farm markets—maybe even a slice of homemade pumpkin pie to end things on a sweet note!

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