The Benefits of Charitable Giving

There’s this feeling you get when you do something selfless. A buzz or a high that steeps in the soul. Something you can’t touch, but it’s there. Stirring in your heart, your body, and mind. You know this feeling. And the feeling knows you. And, so, the benefits of charitable giving begin to take hold.

What if you could feel the benefits of charitable giving every day? What if everyday expenses on haircuts, dinner dates, and oil changes could help others in need at no extra cost to you? Xspero understands the gift of receiving, but just as much, the rewards of giving back. And with the Xspero app, you can do just that—because giving feels good.

But there’s more to the warm and fuzzy feeling of one good deed. There are benefits of charitable giving you may have never considered. Benefits that impact your health and quality of life.

Let’s explore the benefits of charitable giving together, so the next time you give back, you can feel it in your bones.

Boosting self-esteem

Have you ever noticed the way you feel when you do one small act of kindness? Maybe giving a neighbor a hand or paying for a coffee for that next person in line. No matter how large or small one act of kindness is, the benefits of charitable giving manifests in mind and body.

And like all emotions, the feeling is fleeting. And, although, it may not last, you certainly feel it. A spark of satisfaction that puts the pep in your step just by being kind. Repetition of kindness and giving will raise self-esteem in unparalleled ways. Giving back provides purpose. An application of good nature. Doing good is feeling good. And you’ll feel closer to yourself when you give back.

Curbing depression

Emotional wellness is a balancing act. And when self-esteem is raised, depression is depleted. The benefits of giving with Xspero, or performing any act of kindness, may yield depressive symptoms and lack of energy. Nothing feeds depression more than standing idle and doing nothing.

By participating incharitable giving, you curb your risk of depression and create a void for all good things to fill you up. And like a scale, all it takes is the slightest tap to tip the balance in either direction. When you give back, you’re taking control–and you’ll feel that shift in yourself.

A healthy life

Did you know there’s a link between depression, self-esteem, and heart disease?1 It’s only one of the many ways that emotions impact our physical health. Volunteering and giving back can not only improve our emotional wellness, but our physical health. Depression can have devastating effects on our bodies. By taking control and tipping the scale, you’ll feel more energized. You may notice a drop in blood pressure. And you may live a longer life.2

The body and mind work together. And when you do good for someone else, there are benefits of giving back. Take the initiative to feel good and do good for others in your community. You may be surprised at what happens next.

Ready to put it to the test? Download the Xspero app on the App Store and Google Play to start feeling the benefits of charitable giving today—without spending more.

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