Summertime Wines from This Standout South Jersey Winery

A South Jersey winery is a special kind of place. You might say it’s in the soil. From the vineyard to the spacious outdoor area at Bellview, this South Jersey winery has sights to see and wines to savor this summer as businesses finally reopen.  

Picture this: a laid-back afternoon barefoot in the grass. It’s Saturday and the sun is high. You reach for your favorite bottle of Bellview Vidal Blanc, swirling your glass and breathing in the citrusy aroma. You’re relaxed. Brushed by the breeze and kissed by the sun. Sheer bliss.  

Now, what if that leisurely afternoon could mean more than Cabernet and corkscrews? In Latin, there’s a popular phrase: “in vino veritas”—in wine lies the truth. That truth for us is when you use Xspero™ to buy a digital gift card to Bellview Winery for a wine tasting or a peaceful afternoon sipping wine and tasting cheese, proceeds benefit local business and a charity you choose without it costing more. Same price double the gain. 

From now until August 31st, we’re giving 100% of proceeds raised through the Xspero™ app back to the businesses you shop and the charities you choose to support.  

Check out a few of our favorite wines from this South Jersey winery, and get ready to sit back, relax, and pop the top on your favorite bottle.  

“Our Picks” Wine List 
Four of our favorites from this South Jersey winery. 

Blaufränkisch: a unique red with bold notes of vanilla and violets. This dry wine blossoms on the palate with flavors of fig and cherry with a lasting, luxurious finish.  

Traminette: a dry white with notes of lemon zest, English roses, and orange blossoms, this wine hits the palate with bright, fruity flavors of honeydew and pairs divinely with spicy foods.   

Dry Roséa summertime wine with delicate notes of red cherries and rose petals. This rosé is bright and floral with a lasting finish you’ll taste even after the last drop is gone.  

Apple: Bellview’s apple wine is made from 100% locally-sourced Fuji apples. A light, refreshing summer selection with a kiss of sweetness.  

Bellview Winery is open Sunday through Thursday from 10am to 5pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am to 8pm.  

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