Love Red Wine? Here are 5 You Need to Try from Bellview Winery

Bellview Winery can agree when some say red wine is good for the heart. And when you purchase a bottle of red wine (or any wine) from Bellview Winery with Xspero™, a charity you choose benefits with 20% of your purchase. So, in some ways, red wine is very good for the heart.

If you’re a lover of red wine like we are, these six dry wines are a must-try (sorry, sweet wine drinkers, we’ll make a list for you soon!). So, grab a corkscrew and your smartphone; it’s time to uncork our favorite reds. 


Don’t worry—we can’t pronounce it either. This red wine is robust in flavor and incorporates bold notes of vanilla and violet. Tinges of cherry and fig flavors reveal themselves as each layer slowly emerges. The Blaufränkisch pairs beautifully with red meats and is a great conversation starter for wine lovers.

Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc from Bellview offers verdant aromas of rose petal and chutney over fruity and earthy notes of plum and light oak. It’s a medium-body wine with a silky composition and pairs delightfully with anything from poultry to filet mignon.


A beautiful blend of dark fruit flavor, Bellview’s Chambourcin is a medium-body red with the essence of thyme, black cherry, and raspberry. This dry red balances dark fruit notes with lighter tannins and makes for a great match with pork or decadent chocolate desserts.


With fragrant floral notes, Bellview’s Syrah captures accents of rosemary and tarragon and follows up with the flavor of shortbread and a nice tannin structure. Paired with pasta, chops, or steak, this Syrah is a palate-pleaser.

Coeur D’est

Coeur D’est or “Heart of the East” opens with fragrant berry and chocolate notes before transitioning to raspberry and black tea flavors. This full-body red will be a favorite for those who enjoy a dry wine with fleeting shadows of sweetness (and all without being sweet).

Petit Verdot

Hearty and smooth, Petit Verdot has scents of jasmine, sage, marjoram, and observable blackberry notes. The high tannin level of this red wine makes it a natural pair for rich and hearty meals with higher fats and proteins.  

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