Become a Charity Partner


Xspero™ is an exciting NEW fundraising opportunity! Xspero offers a sustainable revenue to your organization, from your supporters without them spending more out of their pocket! They just shop on the Xspero™ app and 20% goes right to you!

Xspero is a dining and shopping app that helps both local businesses and local nonprofits. Digital Gift Cards are purchased on the app to local businesses and 20% of the Xspero purchase goes to the user’s nonprofit of choice – that could be you! 

Your supporters can now give through their everyday household or entertainment purchases, without spending more. Meanwhile, your charity will receive 20% of every Xspero Digital Gift Card purchase made on Xspero from your supporters.

Example: If 100 of your supporters are persuaded to spend $100 a month on Xspero, your organization would generate an additional $24,000 a year. There is no limit to what your organization can achieve with Xspero.

Download the Xspero app and check it out for yourself!

*Free Gift Cards while supplies last. 
*Free Gift Cards will arrive by email within 2-3 business days.