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BIG news from Xspero founder and CEO, Ken Pustizzi!
April 30, 2020

A Message From Xspero Founder, Ken Pustizzi

Hello, I am Ken Pustizzi, founder of Xspero. I created Xspero to help local communities thrive through supporting local businesses and charities. Neither of them survives without you, the community. Xspero is the app that allows you to buy digital gift cards for local shopping and dining and give to…
How to redo a flower bed
April 9, 2020

How to Redo a Flower Bed for Spring

When it’s time to redo a flower bed outside your home, there are certain steps to take to ensure your plants will get the most nutrients and the best living conditions you can allow them. Whether you have a green thumb or you’re just starting out, these gardening tips from…
South Jersey takeout deals
April 2, 2020

7 South Jersey Takeout Deals to Take Advantage Of

Food is always a comfort, and with South Jersey takeout, it's easier to stay safe and enjoy local meals. It’s been a trying time for families, businesses, and everyone under mandatory quarantine—but that doesn’t mean all life and commerce ends. These South Jersey takeout staples are offering great deals on…
Signs you need an oil change
February 27, 2020

5 Signs You Need an Oil Change

You already know that an oil change is a crucial part of routine maintenance. Still, many delay this service for various reasons. Many drivers rely on mileage over warning signs to determine whether or not they need an oil change. Knowing these signs could help extend the life of your…