A Message From Xspero Founder, Ken Pustizzi

Hello, I am Ken Pustizzi, founder of Xspero.

I created Xspero to help local communities thrive through supporting local businesses and charities.

Neither of them survives without you, the community.

Xspero is the app that allows you to buy digital gift cards for local shopping and dining and give to your favorite charity at the same time, without spending more.

In these uncertain times, my words of hope are perseverance and faith.  We are resilient people; time will pass and eventually this crisis will be a memory.

I encourage you to download and use the Xspero app and explore the many charities and businesses in the Xspero Network.

Did you know that you can send Xspero digital gift cards to friends and family through text or email?

If you are involved in a business or a charity and you want more information on joining the Xspero Network, email me at ken@Xspero.com.

Remember, we are all in this together.